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Spoiled Pleasures #1

Valentine's Day Gift Box

Valentine's Day Gift Box

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Valentine's Day Gift Box


1 Valentine's Day Pen

1 Valentine's Day Sticker

1 Valentine's Day Card & Envelope (blank card)

1 Valentine's Day Chocolate Scented Teddy Bear (colors may vary)

8oz Soy Candle

Choose between 4 different fragrances.

- Pink Sweets (pink jar)

- Love Spell (purple jar)

- Strawberries & Champagne (orange jar)

- The Gentleman (white jar)

Our 8oz. (jars) soy candle burns approximately 40 to 70 hours in a glass container that can withstand extreme temperatures. However always be cautious and do not try and move the candle or touch the jar while it is lit. Always follow candle safety rules which can be found under the candle care tab.

Bath Bomb (fragrance and color may vary)

Imagine sitting down or soaking in the bathtub while this bath bomb moisturizes your skin leaving it soft and silky from the coconut oil. The combination of baking soda and citric acid creates the fizzing sensation bath bombs are famous for. These two products together also help clean, deodorize, repair skin, and strengthen blood vessels, leaving your skin healthy and smooth. After all the cool foaming and fizzing and the benefits to your skin as you soak, the scent will leave you relaxed and refreshed too.

Massage oil (fragrance may vary)

Our massage oil is good for the skin, smells good, and has a nice appearance. Our massage oil contains virgin coconut oil and pure vitamin E oil. Coconut oil is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal oil that helps reduce inflammation, keeps the skin moisturized and can help treat acne.

Oil will solidify in cold temperatures. Microwave glass bottle for 10-30 seconds to liquidity and to warm oil for a nice massage experience.  

Soy wax melts (love spell fragrance)

Enjoy our fragrant soy melts in your favorite warmers to infuse any room with refreshing scents in your house. Each package contains 12 small heart shape wax melts. Each piece releases 2 to 4 hours of fragrance. 

Room Spray (fragrances may vary)

Set the mood and get it popping! This natural scented room spray is made with only three simple ingredients.

With just a few spritzes, room sprays instantly refresh your environment, arouse your senses, and lift your mood.

 Wax Warmer

Add a beautiful touch to your home decor and let your home smell great with this wonderful tea light wax warmer.

Box of Matches- 20 pack.

Satin Drawstring Bag full of Rose Petals to add that romantic touch.

* First 8 people to order get a free valentine's day wine glass (shown in picture) *

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