Candle Care

  • When you first light your candle, burn at least 1 hour before extinguishing, to prevent “tunneling” in your candle (Tunneling: when the flame in a candle begins to drop below the top-level of the wax, leaving a hard dry ring that will not melt). 
  • For best performance, burn two to four hours at a time. This will maximize the life of your candle.
  • Wick maintenance is key for perfect burning. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch each time before you burn, and be sure to remove any wick debris in the candle before lighting.
  • Do not touch, lift or move a burning candle. Wait until the wax has cooled and hardened before touching a candle. For optimal performance, keep burning candles away from drafts, vents and air currents. Candle wax can be temperature sensitive. For best performance, do not expose candles to extreme high or low temperatures.
  • Candles will fade if left in light for an extended period of time. It is best to keep them out of direct sunlight.
  • Be sure the candle holder is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
  • Never place flammable materials, such as dry leaves or paper, near a candle. Never burn candles unattended. Do not burn candles where they can be knocked over by children, pets or anyone else.
  • Discontinue use when 1/4" of wax remains 

Failure to follow these tips can result in fire, injury, or smoke damage.