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      Dads are different- so let’s switch gears this year and treat Dad to a meaningful Father’s Day gift that’s just as unique as he is, whether you’re celebrating together or remembering him in a special way this Father’s Day box is for your special SUPER HERO.

      9oz Soy Candle burns approximately 35 to 60 hours.

      Choose between 4 different fragrances!

      -          Bowties

      -          The Gentleman

      -          Barbershop

      -          Caribbean Teakwood

      All-Natural Shaving Cream (3oz): Unisex shaving cream that’s whipped to perfection. All-natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.

      Raw African Black Soap: African black soap is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that are powerful enough to detoxify the skin while providing the ultimate in moisture. It is naturally alkaline and produces a rich soothing lather to thoroughly treat any skin imperfection and any skin type including the dry and rough, oily, and moderate skin types.

      1 JM’s Dominican Cigar (Corojo-Corona)- JM's Dominican Connecticut is hand rolled from well-aged Cuban seed tobacco leaves grown in the rich soils of the Dominican Republic, then wrapped carefully for a smooth and flavorful smoke.

      1 Smudge Stick: It is said that smudging sage removes negative energy from a person, clears the mind, and relaxes the body. 

      2 Razors

      1 Plastic shot cup with gold trimming

      Box of Matches- 20 pack

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